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Oh, hi, human.    WELCOME!


I have been writing, recording and

producing music since I was very,

very young. 

In 2007 I released an album,

followed by a tour of Europe and a video in


Since the tour ended, I worked on my new album.  This took many lengths of time; so long in fact, that I have since been scared to share the album,  for fear that nobody would get to hear it.  I felt embarrassed by the length of time it had taken, and by my

fear - until I watched While We're Young.

 Then I realised I wasn't the only creator

clinging to art and youth.  So now, I will be

releasing a series of videos to go with each song on the album, followed by the album release. This will be via Patreon.com, where patrons get to see videos and hear songs first :-D









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